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The Best Dublin Independent & honest Reviews. Dublin Blog – The Best Things To Do And How To Do Them. The best places to eat, drink, have fun, and travel in Dublin City.
For locals and visitors who appreciate honest reviews, personal reviews, and news about the cool things to do in Dublin. More than a guide, we provide an independent and honest perspective on the city.

We genuinely care about Dublin and are passionate about keeping Dubliners, visitors, and friends of the city up to date with the best in local events, food, music, art, culture, and more.

One of the great things about visiting or living in Dublin is that it’s a big city, but at the same time small enough and full of hidden gems, micro-districts, or local shops that make it unique and interesting. That’s why writing about this city is so special to us, as we want to share what makes Dublin different from other cities by showcasing our favorite places to go, restaurants to dine, bars to drink, and hotels to stay in.

You will find the best restaurants, breweries, cafes, and pubs, cool sights and museums, and top 10 lists of the most iconic places to visit for your stay. We make you feel like a local in no time!

What makes this blog different is that we connect with the city and its hawkers, gurus, baristas, food truck chefs, boutique owners, and hoteliers.

We love to discover and share the best things to do in Dublin.

We have scoured the Dublin scene and have listed only the best attractions and activities. From the top ten Irish pubs to insider secrets of some of the city’s trendiest hotels, we offer information to give you the edge on having a great time in Dublin.